Unique photographs on silver from the 1950s and 1960s
from Nonesuch Expeditions


1961 APRIL LAKE TITICACA BOLIVIA. Lake Titicaca, fishing boats or balsas and the distant snow-capped Cordillera Real with one peak, Illampu, touching 20,842 feet (6,368 metres) high. This is close to the southern shore of Lake Titicaca, a high lake set among snowy Andean peaks. The mean altitude for the water level is 12,507 feet (3,812 metres). For many years Titicaca has been noted for the craft made by the Aymara people who live around the lake. Bundles of dried Totora reeds growing in the shallow water are held together by ropes of twisted natural grass. When this picture was taken the Aymara were still using their fishing nets or uru tumina q'ana supported on a circular wooden frame. Many of the fish that once were abundant have gone and so too have the hoops.

Camera Leica lll F with a collapsible Leitz f 5 cm 1:3.5 lens. Film Kodak Tri X Pan at F5.6 - 1/100 second. I used a deep red filter held in front of the lens with sticky tape as the camera was on loan and the set did not include filters. My film was cut from bulk rolls and loaded in a re-loadable leica cassette. It was a convenient low cost way of carrying film but not ideal. The film had to be loaded in the dark and static electricity always attracted dust which shows on the negative. Developed by hand in La Paz using May and Baker Promicrol at normal dilution..

Negative: Bolivia 61-64-33 © Tony Morrison

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