Unique photographs on silver from the 1950s and 1960s
from Nonesuch Expeditions

1963 Nasca (Nazca) geoglyphs, Peru desert. The desert surface is covered by a layer of dark stones lying on top of fine yellow sediment left by an ancient alluvial deposit. The markings were made by simply moving the stones to one side as on a giant scraper board. In places the surface is so fragile that even footsteps show.

Near the centre of this picture where two lines meet there is an outline of a figure thought to be a whale. Also in the image is a small complex of straight markings, some parallel and some with wider clearings. There are piles of stones and here and there pockmarks where local treasure hunters have dug. Close examination shows footprints near the lines and a few old vehicle tracks. On the left is part of a large alluvial fan. These markings are about 6kims from Nasca town and the image was taken from a height of about 80 metres.

Camera: MPP Microflex Twin Lens Reflex with F3.5 77.5mm Taylor Taylor Hobson lens. Film Kodak Verichrome Pan at F5.6 - 1/300 second with a 3 x orange filter (Actina) to increase the contrast between the stones and the yellow sediment. Developed by hand in Lima using Kodak Microdol at normal dilution.

Negative Peru 63-44-08 © Tony Morrison

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