Unique photographs on silver from the 1950s and 1960s
from Nonesuch Expeditions


1961 Machu Picchu, Peru. This ruin in its spectacular mountain setting has become the icon for Peru and its wonderful Inca heritage. I was lucky to reach the site before serious tourism began and could walk alone amongst the ruins.

Machu Picchu was drawn to world attention in 1911 when the American Yale University scholar Hiram Bingham reached it during a scientific expedition, though he was not the first to get there. A National Geographic Magazine of 1913 has many of his pictures of the site before the vegetation was cleared.This picture was taken in the Temple of the Three Windows built from finely shaped granite stones, some of which were covered in lichen. Stone hammers were used by Inca masons who carefully chipped at the rock and the original knapping is clear.On the right side the joints are not so precise and this is the result of earth movements - probably an earthquake.The view through this typical trapezoidal opening is to one of the long stone stairways, terracing and forested mountainsides beyond.

Camera: MPP Microflex Twin Lens Reflex with f 3.5 77.5mm Taylor Taylor Hobson lens. Film Kodak Verichrome Pan at F16 - 1/30 second. Developed by hand in Lima, using May and Baker Promicrol at normal dilution.

Negative: Peru 61-03-01 © Tony Morrison

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